Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Scientist & Professor
Don Jeffrey "Jeff" Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University. Meldrum has published numerous academic papers ranging from vertebrate evolutionary morphology, the emergence of bipedal locomotion in modern humans, and the plausability behind the Sasquatch phenomena, in addition to being a co-editor of a series of books on paleontology. Meldrum also co-edited From Biped to Strider: The Emergence of Modern Human Walking with Charles E. Hilton.
Todd Standing
Todd Standing
Canadian Filmmaker & Researcher
Very excited to announce that Todd Standing will be a featured lecturer at the Bigfoot Birthday Bash! Todd is the star and director of the documentary, “Discovering Bigfoot” and was featured on Les Stroud’s “Survivor Man” TV show. Todd Standing has been conducting expeditions, documenting chronicles and interviewing people pertaining to the subject of Sasquatch for almost 15 years. In 2006 he publicly showed 2 separate crystal clear Bigfoot videos he himself filmed which he used to petition the Canadian government for species protection of Bigfoot.